Vote for your favourite contestant in Ideas online reality show

Idea Cellular, Indias 3rd largest mobile operator brings a chance to vote for your favourite star in the countrys first online reality show! Those who have been following the contest closely, over the last few months, now have a chance to make their views and comments count, as the 4 finalists – Gavin, Deepak, Sameer and Nisarg– fight it out for the top spot.

Idea launched the first ever ‘online reality show using various social media platforms across the web. The four participants have come through a grueling competition! The contestants were sent to different cities to perform their set of tasks for which they could take help from over 3,40,000 Idea fans on Facebook, by posting their queries basis the task given to him and trying to finish it in the minimal possible time span.

Facebook users can log on to and watch the videos of the contestants on-ground tasks that were assigned to them in 4 different cities. Fans can cast their vote by putting their comments on the uploaded videos. Voting lines will be open till midnight May 31.

The online support that the contenders got, along with the successful completion of their on-ground tasks and the number of votes they receive in the form of ‘comments on the Idea Facebook Page, will determine the final winner.

In the final leg of the online reality show, the final 4 contestants Gavin, Deepak, Sameer and Nisarg were sent to Kochi, Ahmedabad, Kolkata and Delhi, respectively, and given different tasks. The video footage from each day, posted on the Idea Facebook page captures their on-ground journey.


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