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Nokia N9 – Meego Powered Smart Phone

Finally Nokia has released the “Meego” operating system powered smart phone “N9” in Singapore at the 11th Nokia Connection event. . There were rumors going on in the mobile era about the next launch of smart phone from Nokia as windows 7 phone but looks like Nokia still have lot more for the people to… Read More »

Epson Endeavour LX9000 and Pro5000 – Desktops By Epson

The modern era is changing at a very fast pace and technology is imparting a lot to the mankind . Laptops and netbooks are the examples of such kind. Inspite of lot of laptops which are available in the market, it seems like desktops have still a firm grip over the generation . Epson is one of the leading… Read More »

Samsung Infuse 4G Short Review

In America, it is widely believed that bigger is better. Or so Samsung must have thought when they decided to launch the phone with the biggest and brightest screen first in the United States, and with the biggest network – AT&T. The Samsung Infuse 4G is definitely meant to stand out – its 4.5” Super… Read More »

HTC Salsa & ChaCha Now Available For Pre Order

  The HTC ChaCha and the HTC Salsa, the ‘Facebook phones by HTC which were unveiled at MWC 2011, are now available for pre-order on Amazon UK. Both the phones were supposed to be launched in Q2 2011. According to the listing on Amazon, they will be launched on June 26, 2011. Both the HTC… Read More »