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Now Play Angry Birds Online In Your Favorite Web Browser

The  most popular game on mobile devices is now available online for PC users. It  can now also be played online in any web browser. To play Angry Birds online  just visit http://chrome.angrybirds.com/ There are two versions available as SD & HD version.  For slow connections choose SD version. Chrome users can play offline Angry… Read More »

5 Safety Tips One Should Know To Protect From Virus

In this article, we shall be learning more about the different ways in which you can protect your computer system from virus attack both on the internet and offline. Use Good Antivirus software In a situation where you are using a vulnerable operating system, getting a good antivirus to protect your computer can be a… Read More »

Speak ASIA Online Surveys Scam – A Report

It is hard to believe but the truth is that there is no way one can become Richie Rich in a short span of time preferably using a short cut . People do surveys, click on ads for the companies and lot more things to become rich . All these companies require a sort of… Read More »

Is Speak Asia Legit or a Scam?

Speak Asia Online, a survey company has been surrounded by lots of controversies and problems these days . Its not been much time when the company started placing its ads on NDTV . The company says,, You give me 11000 INR as an enrollment fee and in return, I will pay you 4000 INR per month for… Read More »