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Prov Maker For S40 – An Offline Tool

Its not been long time when the invention of provision file or .prov file took place . This file actually helps the s40 phones made by Nokia to get connected to internet with the help of java applications using some proxies which was not possible though earlier . Its was almost impossible to surf free… Read More »

Download UC Browser 8.0 Alpha Unofficial English Translated for Java and Symbian

Here we are presenting the latest UC Browser 8.0 unofficial english version to download which released in China as a alpha test version. This is English translation for UC 8.0 alpha (Build11052012) version. As now UC Browser turn to version 8.x series, user can hope for something new and promising from UC Team for upcoming… Read More »

5 Safety Tips One Should Know To Protect From Virus

In this article, we shall be learning more about the different ways in which you can protect your computer system from virus attack both on the internet and offline. Use Good Antivirus software In a situation where you are using a vulnerable operating system, getting a good antivirus to protect your computer can be a… Read More »