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Realtime Features To Be Available Soon By Facebook – A Report

Have you ever paid attention or got attracted towards the realtime feature which twitter , the social networking website is providing . Similar feature is being planned by the Social Network King ” Facebook ” to introduce to their users . The new feature is supposedly to be called “Happening Now,” is being tried by… Read More »

Kareena’s Wax Statue To Be Into Museum

  Indian cinema, bollywood, has given a lot of fame and money to the actors and actresses . It has given a lot of respect to them . There is a news going on in the industry that Kareena would become the second Bollywood actress after Aishwarya Rai to get a wax double. Yeah, Thats Right !… Read More »

Speak ASIA Online Surveys Scam – A Report

It is hard to believe but the truth is that there is no way one can become Richie Rich in a short span of time preferably using a short cut . People do surveys, click on ads for the companies and lot more things to become rich . All these companies require a sort of… Read More »