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ipad2 – Which Model You Should Buy ?

The world is constantly getting new and only new featured pack gadgets . This had led to a great necessity of gadgets in one’s life . Without gadgets, one cannot think of his life in today’s era . ipad2 which has been the sensation since its release comes into various models . So it becomes quite hard for the… Read More »

Micro-bot – Get Ready TO Spy On Your Enemies

If you want to spy on your enemies, you might want to check out this latest spy gadget – The Micro-bot. ReconRobotics and Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific is planning to develop a concept robot that would be able to climb hulls and perform reconnaissance missions even on ships seized by pirates. So… Read More »

White Iphone 4 Finally Released

  Iphone has been the sensation from the time it has been released . People are crazy for this gadget and the craziness crosses the limits when people get thier desired phone in white colour . Well , the time has come for the people to rejoice their desired iphone in white colour . “The… Read More »