SEO Related Facts A Blogger Must Know !

seoSEO has got its very important role in the field of blogging and hence blogging has no meaning if the SEO work is not done on the Blog . Just like gaining education related to any particular subject never ends , similarly , SEO is a subject which always invents new ways to get your blog rank higher .

Internet provides various SEO techniques which help you rank higher in SERPs , but with the passage of time SEO techniques get old and hence no longer help you boosting your rank since ranking always get changed with the time .

Consequently , we need to device some new ways of ranking . Also read : 7 Things To Know Before Starting Link Building !

Today we are going to tell you some basic facts about SEO which are evergreen and will always help you gaining rank . We think these are the basic things and every blogger must know about it .

1. Crawlers should not face any difficulty while crawling your website . If they do , they will leave your website at once . So ,Your must help search engine to crawl your pages/posts easily by providing sitemap such as .

2. Never forget to include a direction file for search robot which is called as robot file. You must include your robot file as follows at your site e.g

3. The whole content on your site must be unique . You must not copy any content from any other website unless it is a quotation or any other thing which cant be modified by you .

4. Your website load speed score must be at least 70-75 if you want the Google to sort your page higher. You can check your site page load speed at

5. Try to form good relationship with other bloggers by Guest posting and blog commenting . It will help you gain backlinks .

6. Search engine BOTS/Crawlers cannot read images and flash content, so always try to add alt text for images from which crawlers can understand whats there on the image.

7. Google gives priority to backlinks of a website , so try to attain backlinks . Similarly , Google also passes link juice to you if you link to other sites which have some standard . but be sure to link to other sites under the same niche you are .

8. Always update your blog once a week and never left it untouched for a month or so . By doing so , Google may decrease crawl rate on your website since it always look for the fresh content .

9. Do not go for SEO companies to promote your blog. Many of them use Viral BOTs to make you rank higher instantly. But this may lead to a ban from Google later. so always try to do all of the SEO work by yourself .

10. Social networking sites are the sites where these days people spend their lot of time . So always try to popularize your site there but be sure that you dont spam there else you may need to face the consequences .

If you know any other basic fact which you think must be known to every blogger and i have missed that then do tell us via your comments so that other people can learn seo more efficiently . 🙂

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