New s40 Series Asha Phones By Nokia

ashaNokia introduced Four s40 series Asha phones at the Nokia world event i.e Asha 200 , 201, 300, 303 . These phones are specially announced to target the markets of Africa and India . The announcements regarding these s40 series phones surprised almost every person at the event since everyone was expecting announcements regarding new Windows smartphones .

These Phones are specially designed to meet different requirements of different people . These phones are as follows along with their specifications :

  • Asha 200 

Asha 200 comes with a full portrait QWERTY keyboard that will allow users to type accurately and faster. It was the first phone announced at the Nokia World event . The phone supports memory expansion upto 32 GB and it also has multi SIM support and multi swap that will allow users to switch between their SIMs without the need of rebooting their handsets.

  • Asha 201

Asha 201 features exactly the same configuration as that of the Asha 200 except the fact that it do not support Dual Sim functionality .

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  • Asha 300

Asha 300 is a phone that comes with a touch screen display but does not have the QWERTY keyboard incorporated with the standard numeric keyboard.

  • Asha 303

Asha 303 mainly targets the person who are addicted to social networking websites . This phone comes with the Qwerty keyboard which will help people to stay in touch with their family members and friends via such sites as well as with messaging .

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