Register SemRush Pro Account For Two Weeks Free [Promo Codes]

Well , We have SemRush Pro Account free for two weeks for our readers .For those of the guys , who do not know about the SemRush website , then let me tell you everything about it . Semrush Website is an online tool which does keyword research for your website and let you know for which keywords you are ranking in search engines etc without inserting any tracking script into your website .

This tool , on the one hand is Analytic , on the other hand it also let you know the most profitable keywords . Moreover , you can also get to know about your competitor stats . Now such a brief knowledge about your website or yours competitor , even the Google’s Product wont provide you .

Semrush has categorize their registration entries and it also provides free accounts but with various kind of limitations like it wont let you access its whole database for your searched query etc . Whereas , The SemRush Pro Account Gets you a detailed and brief information about your search query . The Semrush Pro account will let you access keywords with high CPC from Google Adwords as well as Analysis of high competition of keywords .

Benefits of Semrush PRO Account are :

  • Collect the best keywords for your site optimization .
  • To know what keywords your competitors are ranking for .
  • Cost per Click (CPC) analysis for the keywords .
  • Percentage for the traffic you are getting from your existing keywords .

After reading what Semrush can do for you , you must be really very excited to use it for you . With the help of coupon code , which we are gonna provide , you will be able to have a Two Weeks SemRush Pro Account for free .

Steps to get SemRush Pro Accout for Free :

  1. Register a free account by opening the website by entering your email , name and password .
  2. The you need to Verify your email address.
  3. Login to your SEMRush Free Account and Click the Profile button.
  4. In the Promo Code tab, Enter the Semrush Promo Code provided.
  5. Enjoy your SEMRush Pro account for 2 Weeks.

SEMRush Pro Promo Codes are :


  • JKS1-6230-308C-3X5J
  • M054-8SBZ-9F25-4F95
  • 28S5-NQD7-S508-D81P


Do let us know about how this Semrush Pro account helped you achieve your targets .

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