[How To] Take MySQL Database Backup Of WordPress Blog Using phpmyadmin

MySQL Database Backup is really a important Step to execute daily in a Blog’s as well as Blogger’s Life as MySQL Database contains all the information of Blog related to plugins , theme settings , content of posts , pages along with Blog’s Settings .  So , WordPress Blog stores its each and every information in the MySQL database which looks like abc.sql where abc is any name and .sql is the extension .

From the above introduction , it is completely clear that if any person losses his Database by any chance , his / her WordPress Blog will be shattered . So having the backup of MySQL database is must for every Blogger . Though there are many plugins , which can backup MySQL Database of your Blog that too automatically with ease but sometimes , it becomes necessary to have a manual backup once in a while via phpmyadmin .

What made me write this blog post is the Serious trouble I had and i wish , my fellow readers and friends who do Blogging must not face the same . I usually take a daily backup of MySQL database of my Blog via using WordPress Plugin so as to preserve My Blog as well as my hard work if by any chance , My Blog gets into trouble either due to my hackers or my own experiments which i tend to do every now or then .

My Blog was doing Good as usual and everything worked well until all of a sudden my friend ignorantly deleted everything on my server while doing some other installations . I was panicked about what to do to save my Blog . All I had was Database with me which somewhat relieved me that My Blog’s content was still secure and I could get my images from Google . But the real problem started when my Database was not getting restored or should I Say i Was reluctant to admit that My Database was corrupted . I checked almost my entire month’s database backup, and all I could get was a Corrupted MySQL Database again and again .

Though , somehow I managed to get my Blog live out of that corrupted Database after those 5 dreadful days for which my Blog remained Dead . I have now made a particular habbit of having Mysql database backup once in a week manually . I strongly suggest you to do the same atleast once in every 15 days so that if you are proned to Hackers or face any problem like i Had due to any of your experiments , You should not face such problem .

Steps For MySQL Databse Backup using Phpmyadmin

Step 1 :

Login in Your Cpanel and Click on phpmyadmin . Then You need to select the Particular Database corresponding to your WordPress Blog from left . Like in my case , I have only Database as “test” .select mysql database

Step 2 :

After Selecting the particular Database (in case if you have many Databases) , you will have to click on export like shown below . By default , all the tables will be selected already . In case , they are not , just click on Select all option .

export mysql database

Step 3 :

Now is the time to take back up . Just select in what mode you want to have back up at the end of the page i.e simple sql file , or zipped (compressed) or gzip file of the database . In my case , I always select gzipped option as it saves me from downloading large sized database by compressing it to maximum value . Then Click on Go button which lies to the extreme right at the end of page .

gzip mysql gzip the database


Step 4 :

After Clicking the Go button , The downloading of database will start .

download mysql database

14 thoughts on “[How To] Take MySQL Database Backup Of WordPress Blog Using phpmyadmin

  1. Deepak

    I knew about the back up done from wordpress and Cpanel but was unknown about this type of back up, thanks for this information.

  2. Navneet Singh

    Good post i don’t know this, is there any way i can frequently download database.sql in some interval without opening phpmyadmin ???

    I using currently using WordPress DB plugin.

    1. Amandeep Singh Nagpal Post author

      No . For such manual back up , you need to go to phpmyadmin .. Auto backups via plugin help but still I Would suggest you to have manual back up once in a while . 🙂

  3. Vinod Kumar

    Thanks for the tutorial mate.Very well written.
    Just one question how would be restore the site using this backup?
    We we would need to change the db username/pass somewhere right?

    1. Amandeep Singh Nagpal Post author

      Once the back up is made , you do not need user and password to restore the site . Just create a dummy database and import your backed up database there .

  4. Sanjeev

    Backup database via Phpmyadmin really a easy way. I don’t know about it before, thanks for sharing this easy way.

  5. Technology Updates

    Recently i just transferred my blog, but i was not knowing exactly how to do and i just lost every pictures. By this its Extremely affected to my blog.
    Nice way to take back Amandeep.
    Thank you.


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