“Let It Snow” – Another Mesmerizing Easter Egg !

Its not been a long time when Google introduced the Do a Barrel Roll Easter egg in which on has to type the same keywords in Google.com and his screen would spin 360 degree . It became very popular and even it still works . Now Google has come up with another mesmerizing Trick which will amaze you guys .

As you know that the winter is Going on , So usually Snowfall and Fog is seen in these days . So Google introduced this trick which will let you see and enjoy the virtual snowfall whenever you want without feeling any effect of Cold on your screen.

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As the Christmas is coming , this seems to be the gift from the Google . Just Go to Google.com and Type “Let it Snow” without double quotes(“) . As soon as you type this , you will be pleased to see the Snowflakes falling all the way round from the top of your screen accumulating at the bottom .

let it snow

Snowflakes will Slowly cover the whole screen starting over from the YouTube Videos appearing in Search Results . Google will also provide you a Defrost Button on the screen after Your screen is filled with Snowflakes so as to remove the whiteout or accumulation of Snowflakes . After Clicking Defrost button , all the white Snow covering your screen will be wiped off and the snow flakes will continue to fall.

Not only this, you can also manually brush off the snow by clicking and holding your mouse button over the screen. Google has also earlier introduced a Google Doodle Guitar which you can play and create tunes at your wish . You can visit Download / Play Les Paul Guitar Google Doodle to play guitar.

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