Leap 3D Motion Sensor – Control Your Computer with Fingers in Air

Past week , while attending the training in Electronics , Our trainer S. Davinder Pal Singh took us to the new era and let us knew what electronics can do and to what extent . He simply says , that everything is possible if we devise any logic for the same .

While discussions were going on about various transducers , He told us about 3d mouse which could actually control our machine with the help of movement of our hand and fingers in air only via motion detector .

While the example was of Microsoft’s Kinect , I today while surfing found another awesome similar product , so thought of sharing it with my fellow readers . LEAP is a 3d Motion Sensor which creates a 8 Cubic feet 3d interaction space in front of the computer from which one can control the computer just with the movement of hand and fingers only .

The company says ,

It’s more accurate than a mouse, as reliable as a keyboard and more sensitive than a touchscreen. For the first time, you can control a computer in three dimensions with your natural hand and finger movements.

The company boasts that the device 200x more accurate than any other similar product and can let you control your computer for the first time in 3 dimension using your natural hands . You can check out the following video to know what Leap can do beyond your imagination .

This is flash drive sized device which has to be plugged into the USB port and needs you to load a LEAP Motion Software . Thereafter , just calibrate it and you are good to go with it .

Leap has started a great competition with the Microsoft’s Kinect where Microsoft’s Kinect which was launched earlier this year for $US249.99 , Leap is gonna be available to the customers for just $US69.99. The device supports Mac OS X and Windows 7 and 8 . Leap is available for pre orders at Leapmotion.com and only limited no. are available .

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