Importance of Apps in Emerging E-commerce Industry

Ask any venture capitalist across India and eCommerce still pops up as the most lucrative investment category. Growth rate at which eCommerce has emerged in last few years in Indian subcontinent is totally mind boggling, with some even calling it as the biggest pivoting point in the history of Indian retail. Though up until recently, this growth (commerce / transaction per say) was only limited to large screened devices. However at the other end of the horizon, another growth story brewing was of mobile. With pretty much every third Indian owning a smart phone, the numbers are just too mouthwatering for any eCommerce marketer to ignore.

ecommerce appsNumber of cell phone devices out-shadow desktops by huge difference, add to that – one of the cheapest telecom rates in the world and the tremendous initiatives taken by the incumbent Indian government like digitization of India and promotion of plastic money and what we get is the perfect recipe for a typical mobile consumer.

The biggest benefit of having a mobile app strategy in place is that it’s faster and hence provides better shopping experience for the customer. Once installed, there are several things not being download every time user opens up a new product page, thus saving time and data costs.

In comparison with a website, an app gives lesser chance for customer to get distracted. Since the entire frame is owned by you, it is always a tad-bit less likely for the user to open another tab window which is quite usual when a consumer is visiting using a browser.

Better analytics, as a marketer, constantly measuring your performance is of paramount importance. And once a customer installs your app you get way more data about the customer than what you otherwise get for a website visitor. And better data always translates into better sales for the company and better experience for the customer.

Another big hurdle having your own App addresses, is that of customer retention. Keeping the customer coming back again and again is a challenge, and the only few options to make sure your customers repeatedly buy from you is to keep on continuously marketing, be it search, email or social, you are continually spending money. However a customer who has your app installed will always give you the first preference for sheer ease factor. Besides, reaching out to such customers is also very easy. Through push notifications, you instantly grab your customer’s attention and that too for free.

In the end, I would certainly like to draw your attention towards what Myntra did, though my entire article is in favor of how Mobile and App strategy certainly makes sense in the current Indian scenario. However I would definitely like to mention how it’s not sensible to go only that route. As a brand/company one should never try to dictate terms for a customer, in fact, one should rather try to be present at all possible destinations where a customer is present.

Note from Author : Hello, This is Ayush Agrawal, founder of (a private label fashion portal), and through this article my intention was to bring forth few bullet points about why eCommerce on mobile (or eCommerce) is a reality that no longer can be ignored.

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