i4infomania Gets 6 Google Sitelinks with Improved Organic Traffic

Our Technology Blog – i4infomania was launched with the motive of providing gadgets news to its visitors back in March 30 , 2011 . Slowly and slowly as i studied about How To Increase Traffic To Blog , Link Building , Google Page Rank And Most importantly SEO , i shifted from writing over gadgets to SEO , Blogging , WordPress since this niche was something i could and can spend my all day long reading and writing .

i4infomania is not yet 10 months old but it has already started achieving big and small milestones . Today , I have come up again with a Good news to share with all out fellow readers . Earlier My Blog i4infomania had got its PR 1 and Now has got 6 Google Sitelinks . Now , whenever you will search the keyword i4infomania , You will find 6 links from our site on the top of the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) of Google making the navigation of our blog easier . You can check the i4infomania’s sitelink here : Google Sitelink .

Google sitelinks

This new year have been really very Good to us since with the beginning of this year , we got all of a sudden , a boost in the traffic reaching 1500 to 2000 visitors daily with 3000+ page views daily and decreasing the bounce rate . This has resulted in increased revenue from Google Adsense

I am also really very happy to announce that starting this month , i4infomania is not just Made For money Blog . We are supporting the Social Causes and spend majority of the income from the Blog in them .

What Are Google Sitelinks ?

To the people , who do not know about the Google sitelinks , Let me Shed some light over this Topic . Google sitelinks are the links generated by the Algorithm of Google which are shown under your Search results for different parts of the site resulting in easy navigation . they help in Improved traffic to the Blog since more the no. of Google sitelinks displayed for a Blog in SERP , more are the chances of getting those search results clicked resulting in increased no. of Organic Traffic .

Google sitelinks also help in Branding of a Blog as well as building trust between its Users . You can read more about Google Sitelinks here .

How To Get Google Sitelinks for your Blog ?

Well , at the present moment , generation of Google Sitelinks is completely automated . But I have experienced that the blogs having decent traffic and trendy content (updated content or latest content which is searched on mass) gets Google sitelinks . Some people have even reported to me that they have Got Google Sitelinks with just 30 visitors a day , whereas some say with 100 visits a day too .

It is also seen that with the Google Sitelinks , your site gets Authority in the eye of Google . Authority here means that you are popular (somewhat if not majorly) in your niche and therefore you may rank higher in the SERPs for your defined keywords (Of course , you need to do the basic or advanced SEO) .

What Google Says About Google Sitelinks ?

Google says that generation of Google Sitelinks depend on various aspects such as landing pages which gets large no. of hits , site’s internal link structure , quality content , no. of backlinks as well as visitors . There is no manual way with the help of which one can generate Google Sitelinks and this process is fully automated . If the Google Algorithm can easily find your Internal structure of the Blog , then you are good to go soon for it .

Google do not give Google Sitelinks to every Blogger but only show sitelinks whenever Google thinks that it will be beneficial for the users .

Though this achievement may not be really very big but it lets me feel happy and indicates that Everything is going in good direction . I Will further write about SEO , Blogging and Online money making ways . So stay tuned with us . ๐Ÿ™‚

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Do share your views about what you think about Google Sitelinks and how many of them you have got !

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