[How To] Crack or Reset The Forgotten Windows Password !

Have You Forgotten Windows Password ?

Well, certainly you must have and thats the reason you have reached here jerking your head up here or there . I saw many people panicking about their lost windows password and i wondered how people could forget their passwords . Cant they even just remember one single phrase as their password . I wondered how careless and ignorant people can be and would have laughed on them .

But i left the thought at once when the same happened with me . I was panicking the same way other people used to as i now had to install the O.S again and all my data in my c: directory was about to get deleted . Actually , in this modern era, We are supposed to make strong Password for the sake of security and hence we set difficult to guess passwords which sometimes even we forgot ourselves .

But then i started searching over internet if i could be able to bypass my windows security and then i found various methods with the help of which i was able to get my system back with installing new O.S .

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Tool i used to Reset my Windows Password !

Offline NT Password & Registry Editor : The offline NT password & registry editor is a great utility that enables users to overwrite their Windows NT, 2000, and XP , 7 SAM file, the file containing their passwords, with a new password. This will not allow a user to view their previous password, however, it will allow the user to gain access to their operating system again by resetting their passwords .

12 Steps Procedure  To Reset lost / Forgotten Windows Password :

Step 1 :

Download the utility software from any other accessible desktop and create a bootable cd or bootable usb flash drive . Download the utility :

For creating bootable usb , download the corresponding software and send all the content directly into the pen drive after formatting it without making a new folder into it . Then open the command prompt and type “g:syslinux.exe -ma g:” without quotes and hit enter where g: is the address of your pen drive inserted . You should change g: with the path of pen drive your computer shows up . If it seems that nothing has happened , then your pen drive has been made bootable now . hurrrray 🙂

Now start your operating system of whom you want to reset the windows password and press F2  or any other key shown by system to enter into bios settings and set removable disk as bootable media in case you are booting with usb else you need not do this step while booting with cd .

Step 2 :

Now insert your Bootable cd or USB flash drive made from the downloaded utility and restart the computer . If everything went alright , you will see the following screen .

 Windows Password

Simply press ENTER .

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Step 3 :

After pressing Enter at the Boot Prompt , wait for the registry editor to load the necessary settings and files . You need not do anything on this steps . After the process is over, head towards next step .

Windows Password

Step 4 :

Now the Menu will show you some drives as windows partitions . You need to select the partition where your Operating System has been installed . In simple words, select that partition where the utility can find window, system32 folders .

Windows Password

 Step 5 :  

If you select any partition which shows your files and folders which you had stored in any other location other than c: , then try selecting other partition untill you get successful message of finding the desired folders .

This step may take repetition of 1 to 5 times depending on the no. of partition and your trial to get the right partition . If you get Success , you will be able to see the following screen, else you will see the same screen to choose the partition again until it finds system installed directory .

Windows Password

Simply Press Enter After that .

Step 6 :

After pressing Enter , you will see the following Screen . Just Press 1 for password resetting and hit enter .

Windows Password

Step 7 :

 Now after Pressing the option 1 for password reset , you will see the Usernames set on your operating system .

Windows Password

Press 1 For Editing user info and passwords .

Step 8 :

Now You just need to enter the username of whom you want to reset the password and press enter . In the following example , we entered Tim as username and got the following screen . It showed the necessary details related to the specific username .

Windows Password

Step 9 :

To clear the password corresponding to the username, Select 1 as shown in the screen shot .

Windows Password

Bang !!! . The password is cleared now . Now you need to save the changes you have made . Press ” ! ” to quit from the screen now .

Step 10 :

Now Press ” q ”  to quit from the Offline registry editor tool .

Windows Password

Step 11 :

After pressing ” q ” , it will ask for saving the changes made to the SAM file from which we have just cleared the password . Press ” y ” for yes and press enter .

Windows Password

Step 12 :

Remove The Usb Flash Drive Or Cd now and then restart your computer . Now that your password has been removed using Offline NT Password & Registry Editor, no password is required to log on to Windows.

Windows Password


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Please do tell us if this method worked for you . I tried the method for Windows 7 personally and this method is supposed to work for other variants of windows as well .

P.S – This tutorial is for Educational purposes only . With the help of it, you can reset your Windows Password or you may do prank with your friend’s operating system . i4infomania in no way will be held responsible for the damage caused by anyone to anyone using this method by removing windows password.

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