[How To] Move WordPress Blog To New Domain Without Loosing Any Traffic !

If you have been following me , then you might know that in August 2011 , i changed my WordPress domain (Site url) from i4infomania.co.cc to the present domain which we are having i.e i4infomania.com . You may want to read that post here : Good News – I4INFOMANIA Now On Commercial Domain !

When i was to change WordPress domain for my blog , i had to face very serious issues . The main issue was to change the domain without affecting the organic traffic . Well , it was obvious that if i come on commercial domain rather than being on free domain , my traffic was to increase for sure from search engines . Search Engines Give higher priority to paid domains rather than the free domains . I shall post about the benefits of having Commercial Domain in comparison to free domain later .

Why there is need to change Domain ?

Well , i had my reasons to change domain whereas you might be having some different reason . The reasons vary from person to person and some of them which i have found are :

  • You might have been affected by Google Panda or may have been penalized by Google (the big Giant Search Engine) .
  • You might have taken a domain which was based on your name but as you went into blogging , you felt the need of having some keyword into your domain name .
  • You might have been given a project to move the WordPress Blog to new domain from someone .
  • Your domain url may be long enough that it is not easily remembered by the users .
  • Your Domain may not be perfectly suited to the niche you are Blogging in .
  • You might have got de-indexed completely (penalty by Google).

Well , there are many reasons , So lets just come up to main point . Changing the domain is very easy process though . If you have got C panel web hosting or any other , then you just need to park the new domain to the installation directory of script which you are using and you are good to go . But the same does not apply on WordPress as it works on different functionality .

WordPress stores your Domain url in its database and hence when you park any new domain on it , you will redirected to the index page though from new domain , but later after all the sub urls will again point to old domain . So we need to deal with this case differently .

Some Requirements for Changing the WordPress Domain :

  1. Change the name servers of your new domain and point them to your host where your website is hosted . ( This process takes minimum less than 2 minutes though but its propagation process takes place from nowhere to almost 48 hours. Though in general case i have seen it coming in effect within an Hour . )
  2. Your old website or Blog and its database (of course you need it, eh ! :P)
  3. A piece of Software less than 13 KB. Download from here : SCR.zip

How to change WordPress Domain or Site Url ?

Well, there are several options which you can employ for shifting from one domain to other . There are lot of Tutorials available over the internet for the same process but all require a lot of work to do like downloading all your root directory or some part of it and then re upload the whole back up . It becomes cumbersome for the people who use dial up connection to download and upload all the wordpress installation directory . So here I am writing the tutorial to help those people .

This tutorial will not need you make any backup of your site or anything else . It just need your 10 to 15 minutes . I guarantee that the work which other do in hours will be done in just some minutes with this process .

Now that you have already pointed your new domain to your host . Meawhile Let us play with the Database for the time being the domain gets propagated completely .

  • Download your Database from your phpmyadmin but Do not even try to open it with Notepad or something as sometimes the database may be large for some users opening which could take time or even crash your machine . For this purpose , we need the Software listed above .
  • Now Run the Software and fed your database to the software . And paste your old as well as new domain . Like , if you have abc.com and you want to move to xyz.com , then enter abc.com in the field where i have entered i4infomania.co.cc and enter xyz.com in the place where i have entered i4infomania.com and hit replace button and wait for its completion .

Wordpress domain

  • Now , if your Domain has been perfectly pointed to your web host then go to your Cpanel and click on add addon domain . Then add your new domain over the installation directory of your Old Blog .
  • Go to phpmyadmin and click on your old database of your website . Check all the tables and drop them so as to empty or nullify your Old database . Now select the import button and select your new modified database and hit Go button .

P.S : You may need to compress your sql database if necessary .

  • Now after successful import , your all major work has been done . Now you just need to redirect your old domain to a new domain via 301 redirect . So just go to your WordPress installation directory and add the following line of codes in your .htaccess file :

RewriteEngine On

RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^i4infomania.co.cc$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.i4infomania.com/$1 [R=301,L]
RewriteCond %{HTTP_HOST} ^www.i4infomania.co.cc$ [NC]
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ http://www.i4infomania.com/$1 [R=301,L]

Change According to your domains like here i4infomania.co.cc was old domain and i4infomania.com is new domain . Your .htaccess would already be containing some other codes as well , so just add these line of codes after # Begin wordpress leaving a one line .

  • Whoa ! Everything done now . Just Enjoy your Old Blog on a new domain .

Note : If after changing the domain , your Blog do not get open and ends up showing just a White Blank screen then go to www.newdomain.com/wp-admin/themes.php and activate your default theme once . And later on revert back to your old theme .

This ends up the tutorial part , I will be covering majority of the tutorials after 28 Jan , 2012 . So stay Tuned .

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If you face any problem in this process , comment here and i will try to help you out regarding implanting your new WordPress Domain .


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