[How To] Install WordPress Plugin Step By Step Easily !

These days , Blogging is into limelight and every other engineer (be it student or professional) is engaged with it only . Blogging has gone viral from past two years and people usually think it as a fast online earning method . Now for the same purpose , Many people choose Blogspot or WordPress Platform , If you want to know which Platform is best and Why for Blogging , then You must read : 5 Reasons For Choosing Self Hosted WordPress Over Blogspot [A Comparison] .

WordPress is CMS (Content Management System) which is really very flexible and and is loved by many Bloggers because of the ease of customization it provide with the Help of plugins and Installing WordPress Plugin is Something which Every Blogger should know ( Preferably this line applies to newbies 😛 ) . Majorly , we can install WordPress Plugin by two ways :

  • WordPress Dashboard ( WP Admin Panel )
  • FTP Method ( File Transfer Protocol )

I will now let you know each method in brief . The most easiest one method i believe is using WordPress dashboard for installing WordPress Plugin since it do not require you to download and upload the plugin on your server . This method is quite easy in which you need to search the plugin , Click on install button and then activate it whereas on the other hand FTP method require you to search your plugin , get it downloaded in your machine and then upload it on your server . Then you need to go to WP Dashboard to activate it .

Install WordPress Plugin via WP Dashboard :

This method is further classified in two categories where either you have plugin with yourself and you need to upload it or you just know the name of the plugin and you need to search it for getting it installed . As discussed above in a short summary , It is the easiest method . You just need to know the plugin name and search it in your Dashboard to install it . For this , Login to your WordPress Dashboard , and click on Plugins > Add New . You will find something similar to the screenshot where we have searched Wp Opmize Plugin .

Install WordPress Plugin

After your search like this for your desired plugin , you will get similar screen . If the Plugin you desire is already installed in your WordPress , then it will say , The plugin is already installed else the plugin will give option of Install to click on .

Click on the Install button , and it will lead you to next screen like that of shown below where yu need to click over the activate plugin option .

Install WordPress Plugin

If you have Plugin with you on your system and you want to activate it , then you need to click over the Upload option as shown in the above screenshot where we have searched Wp Optimize Plugin . It will give you a Upload Tab where you need to select your plugin from your computer and upload it . After Uploading it , you just need to activate it .

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Now you need to configure your Plugin with the settings you want by going to the Plugin admin panel which is found under the Setting Option in most of the cases .

Install WordPress Plugin via FTP Method :

This is the method which is not widely used but comes handy when you are unable to Install WordPress Plugin via WordPress Dashboard . You just simply need the WP plugin in your machine . Unzip the plugin and upload it in your server in the plugin directory which will be in wp-content directory as wp-content/plugins .

Once you are done with it , you just need to go to your Wp Dashboard >Plugins > Installed Plugins and then activate your uploaded plugin there . FTP method is majorly use by those whose server restrictions do not let them install WordPress Plugin from their WordPress dashboard .

i4infomania Tip :

If you install any WordPress plugin which results in any Problem like your homepage goes blank , or You are unable to access your wp dashboard , just go to your ftp and disable that plugin either by deleting it or by renaming the specific plugin which just created problems for you . It sometimes happen due to less server resources or there might be script coding error in plugin itself .

I prefer Wp dashboard for the same purpose and FTP in the cases when Dashboard gives error . Although plugins help get you customize your Blog the way you want but still it is advisable to use as many less plugins as you can as more the plugins activated , more time your blog will take to respond .

P.S – Do check the details of the Plugin which you are going to Install regarding its compatibility with your WordPress Version . If you face any problem in installing the Plugin , Do let me know about it via your Comments ,  I will try to help you Install WordPress Plugin .

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    WordPress platform plugin is one of the easiest to install, many bloggers highly recommend of using wordpress for anyone wants to set up a new site.


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