[How To] Hide or Unhide the Drive Partitions Using Run Command Prompt !

You might have hidden many Folders containing your Private or personal data in your computer so that nobody except you have access to that with the help of many Softwares . But How about hiding the whole partition of your Computer that too without the use of any software ? This way , You will not have to use any premium software and moreover , nobody will be able to browse your hidden partition .

How To Hide The local partiton / Local Volume of Computer ?

You need to follow some simple steps to hide the desired partition of your computer . This method will not be able to hide the partition in which your Window is installed , particularly C:/ drive where most people install their Operating System . So lets do it :

Note :

I want to hide the partition D: of my computer , so in this tutorial , I will be using Volume d . You can use your desired partition letter . Before hiding it , the partitions looked like as shown in screenshot . hide partition of computer

Step 1 :

Open the run prompt Box by pressing Win+r button or Click on start button and search run and click over it . In the run command prompt Box , Type Diskpart as shown in the screenshot and Click OK . hide partition of computer If you are using Windows 7 , then allow the application to be launched by clicking OK . You may want to read : [How To] Know If Your Computer is Male Or Female !

Step 2 :

Now you need to type list volume so as to get list of all the partitions of your computer and hit enter . hide partition of computer Now , as you will be getting the list of partitions as shown above , now you need to select the drive you want to hide from others .

Step 3 :

Type select volume d or select volume 4 and hit enter . P.S – Here , I wanted to hide the Drive D: , you may want to select another drive which you want to hide , So change the letter or no. accordingly as shown by your partition list . hide partition of computer I have already highlighted the step by step commands as well . Also read : [How To] Crack / Reset / Hack Windows Password !

Step 4 :

Now since you have selected your desired partition or drive which you want to hide , you just need to type one more command . Type Remove letter d (Where d is my partition name , you need to type yours) and hit enter . hide partition of computer You have successfully hidden your desired drive . See the Screenshot below for its working proof . hide partition of computer

How To Unhide the Hidden Partition or Drive of Your Computer using Command Prompt ?

To unhide the partition you need to follow all the steps stated above till step 3 . Then , where you typed remove letter d (or your partition name) , you need to type there assign letter d and press enter . Your drive will be unhidden . Enjoy . hide partition of computer

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