[How To] Get Free Traffic To Your New Blog !

Free Traffic And New Blogs :

Free Traffic

Have you Built a new website with all hopes to make it a success ? With the hopes, that you will start earning money ? To make a newly launches blog / website a success story , one may need to work hard in terms of seo, regular blog posts , keyword researches, monetizing programs etc . The main factor to make your blog a success is to start getting traffic .

Before you get into any paid advertising methods, here are some ways which you can try to get free traffic to your new website .

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Genuine Free Traffic At your Door :

By Free traffic , We do not here mean that we will use some websites which will give us traffic right away , rather we will opt in for such methods , which will give us free genuine Traffic . Basically , Free traffic comes absolutely from search engines and as referrals from other websites. So one should have to optimize his / her site for the best SEO possibilities. Like having proper title tags, H1 tags for headings, H2 for sub-headings, better inter-linked pages, content with good keyword density, meta tags filled and so on.

Once youve done your best possible optimization for search engines, wait for the search engines to index and later send you visitors.  Submit your sitemap of the blog the search engines so that they can easily index your site . Meanwhile, proceed to do the following which will not just help in search indexing and optimization, will also send you some genuine visitors or free traffic.

Ways To Get Free Traffic :

Article Marketing :
This is by far the best way to market a site absolutely for free. Write as many unique articles as possible and submit to top article directories. You must write all unique articles and not just copy from other sites if you want better results. If youre bad at writing articles, outsource them to professional writers. Once you get a handful of articles, submit it to the top article directories with link back to your website in the resource box.

Make Web 2.0 Properties : 
Web 2.0 sites are the new generation sites where the content on their site is powered by users. Typically sites like Squidoo, LiveJournal, Facebook, twitter are all web 2.0 sites. Create accounts there for free and add some content relevant to your niche. Leave link backs to your website. Apart from getting visitors, it will also boost your search engine rankings.

Participate in Forums :
Forums are places where people ask questions and discuss about certain topics. Forums are a great tool of marketing for websites if you do them right. You make use of the signature area beneath every post you make and leave link backs to your website. If your post has a value, more chances for people to visit your website through the link available at your signatures.

Comment on other blogs :
Do a Google search and find blogs related to your niche. Read through the blogs and comment wherever possible. You dont want to overdo this as most bloggers wont easily approve comments with link backs to website. So make sure you provide a comment that has some value in it. If the blog you comment on has a do-follow attribute for comment links, you are double benefited.

Setup Contests and Baits :
Baits are posts intended to go viral. People love contests and freebies. Offer some freebies and tell them you will offer more when they refer 5 of their friends to your website. If you do this the right way, you can explode the traffic stats in no time but it does take some time doing research and careful evaluations. You can always try and keep trying until you get it right. Just be creative and youre good to go.

If you are benefited or you want to share a new way , Do comment and let us know . All the methods listed above will get you Genuine Free Traffic .

3 thoughts on “[How To] Get Free Traffic To Your New Blog !

    1. Amandeep Singh Nagpal Post author

      Yes,, but sometimes ,, there are some tips and tricks, which are actually a SEO’srecommendation in one or in any other way . So you can employ such tips and do not require a meeting with SEO .

  1. mannuforall

    Ya, very correct points. If someone follow them, surely got traffic.
    I like that point specially, “You must write all unique articles and not just copy from other sites if you want better results.”
    Coz this now really matter with new Google ranking system called Panda.


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