[How To] Enhance Your Wireless Internet Connection (Wi-Fi) Security

wi-fiNow-a-days Wireless high speed internet connection (Wi-Fi) is the best way of sharing network connection with another device with the help of a wireless router for service (signal) broadcasting. Wireless internet connection is also one of the best, fastest and cheapest way of networking because it doesnt require you to connect cable to the port or connection of an Ethernet cable to the other in order to send out network signal to other computers.

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The networking of a Wi-Fi internet connection is done as a wire-free method of sharing network access, all the component of the connection has been networked through a wireless device known as wireless router though, youll still need to connect your Ethernet cable to the wireless router and then to your computer port in order to get internet access before the router can now broadcast it out to other computer devices within the range.

But today sharing a Wi-Fi internet connection without security can result into some certain dangers that can affect your wireless internet connection.

By keeping some of those things in mind, we are sharing this topic which will help users to use their wireless internet connection without any faults/hacking and also to increase its speed noticeably.

1.  Enable Systems Security Encryption

  • All wireless router has the features of enabling encryption, you should check the user manual or the imprint page of the manual to learn how you can enable security encryption on your home wireless internet connection.
  • After learning it, if it happens that your router has WEP and WPA encryption option.
  • It is advisable to choose WPA instead of WEP because it is exposed to online hacking software that usually breaks down your network password within a short seconds to allow unauthorized access possible.

2.  Turn Off Network Identifier Broadcasting

  • You also need to turn off your Network identifier, which is also known as Service Set Identifier (SSID).
  • Once you switch off, your network will automatically stop sending signal to the internet in general and this will keep it to be in hide mode.
  • This will help you to browse conveniently without anybody interfering into your connections ability.

3.  Use Good AntiSpyware and Firewall Software Frequently

  • Having a good and up to date Antivirus and Anti Spyware software installed on your computer has proved to be one of the major solutions to virus attack because a good antivirus will help in scanning your computer for any deposit of virus so as to fight against them in most cases.
  • Your antivirus can only work better if you are updating it frequently.

4.  Use Strong Password

  • When youre trying to increase the performance of your wireless internet connection, one of the things you need to take proper care about is the issue of username and password.
  • If you take the issue levity, things can go out of hands for you but if you use the normal approach by changing the default ‘Admin name to your desired username which is unique to you and also use a password that has the combination of lower and upper case letters with numeric figures.
  • With this it will be very difficult for any hacker to jump on your internet connection, although, there are many software programs online that can hack wi-fi connection password and username.
  • If you dont want to fall victim of this, you must make it an habit to be changing your password and username at least two times in a month.

5.  Enable MAC (Media Address Control) Filter Features

  • There is nothing better for a human being to be able to choose what he/she wants or needs, in order to get the very best from your high speed wireless internet connection you should also think about using MAC with your wifi net access – this feature helps you to be able to list out in details the name of the computer or portable devices that youll like to have access to your wireless internet connection (think of your childs computer, daddys palmtop or mummys smart phones etc).
  • This option works just like a blacklisting option that makes it easier for you to black list any connection from accessing your network and also to add the device that you want to connect to your internet connection.
  • And by defaults, each computer that you add to this features has its own name and address on the network and if it happens that a computer that doesnt have any address and name is trying to access the connection.
  • The network connection will be denied until when you as the admin add the computer to the enabled list.

6.  Check Your Network Computer Regularly for Abnormal Usage

  • If youre sharing your wireless internet connection among your peers or neighbours, you should make sure to check on them at least twice in a week so as to know what and how much they have consumed in terms of bandwidth and speed consumption, know if one of your network user is downloading too much applications or files from the internet and if the person doesnt change from doing so; you can disconnect him/her from your connection with the example at number one above

7.  Position Your Router to Minimize Signal Strength

  • Your router positioning can cause a decline in the speed and the amount of service it broadcasts and by re-positioning it and putting it near to the centre of your house, will increase its functions and you also make sure not to keep it closer to your window.

All these steps will help you get your wi-fi speed increased and will provide you better Security .

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