[How To] Get 3G Speed On 2G Network !!

In the present  modern era, even the child know the exact definition of the 3rd generation network , what we call as 3G in short . Having a 3G connection as has many more advantages over 2G connection like that of high speed broadband, mobile TV and video calling and lots more with better connectivity also . 

With the recent launch of 3G Spectrum in India , People have gone mad for using this service after they have went down for a trial which 3G network availed them . Being more advantageous than 2G , still people have not migrated to 3G network reason being that at the present, the rates ruling in Indian mobile scenario, are on the higher side.

Coming to the motion, To achieve the 3G speed on your present 2G connection, You must should have a 3G enabled handset or modem, A connection which is present in 2G as well as 3G network in your area. The trick is known to have worked successfully on MTNL, Airtel and BSNL connections. It may not work all the time but take your chance, it may work for your connection!

From the Settings on your mobile device select UMTS ; this option means that your handset is configured to use 3G network.

Next step is to select WAP/ GPRS of Service provider as your default setting, but dont choose APN as default.

After these changes try to connect, and if you are connected at all, you will get the speed of 3G while your tariff remains that of 2G connection data rates. You can then recharge with unlimited offer with Rs 98 or Rs 99, 2G recharge coupons and enjoy the high speed internet and other services on 2G connection.

5 thoughts on “[How To] Get 3G Speed On 2G Network !!

  1. Chetan Rajpurohit

    Hello! Mr. Amandeep…
    I have a samsung galaxy y gts5360 model, which is a 3g enabled android phone, but I am not able to see UMTS setting in it.. Please help so I can also use 3g speed on my 2g aircel network…..


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