Home Entertainment Systems By Harman Kardon

Life has become very fast . Everybody seems to be in hurry . In this hectic and busy scheduled life , one needs rest . Rest to relieve himself with the help of entertainment.

For the same purpose of entertainment , Harman Kardon is all set to release Harman Kardon BDS 400 and Harman Kardon BDS 800 home entertainment systems.

BDS 400 is the most finely made home theatre system is the market because of the specifications that it offers. It has got strong HD enabled receiver capable of playing Blue ray disc recordings along with DVDs and CDs. It also has two satellite speakers which come with Dolby virtual speaker technology.

Whereas , BDS 800 is equipped with quartet of voice matched satellites for a true surround system. It has also got a software channel speaker, a subwoofer and the BDS 5 SO integrated receiver.

Both these home theatre systems from Harman Kardon are fully equipped with all the cables and wall mounting equipments which are required in order to deliver great experience to the users.


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