“Happy Holidays” – says Today’s Google Doodle !

Google Doodle Says Happy Holidays to its fellow users

Google is back again with its new doodle wishing everybody Happy Holidays . As the Year 2011 is advancing to its end marking up the beginning of new year 2012 and as Christmas is almost there , Google has come up with its Doodle back again.

Google has always been coming up with Doodles on almost all the special occasions , be it Birthdays , Independence Days or Any Festive Seasons . Google started using Doodles back in year 1998 or 1999 . Today’s Doodle which is shown in the image below signifies various things . Not to talk of this logo , almost each and every doodle from Google which has come out publicly were centered around one or more thing signifying something related to the motion.

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Google Doodle is featuring a snowman , snowflakes depicting the winter season . Then Bell and Santa are depicting the Christmas eve which is about to come 25 Dec . Candles and Gifts symbolizes the eve of New Year . The Logo feature Neon light design having Google word embedded behind behind the elements .

Dedicated Site By Google for Google Doodle

Google has over 1000 Doodles made by their professionals since 1998 and thus this time they have organised their all Doodles together and bundled them up on a single new site where everybody can access any Doodle at anytime . One can Go to http://www.google.com/doodles .

We at i4infomania also wish our valuable readers a Merry Christmas and a Happy, Lovely and Joyful New Year Ahead from the depth of our heart . Happy Holidays ! 🙂

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