Google Adsense Approval Got Amendments – Now 2 Steps Process !

Google Adsense

Blogging these days is no more done for fun or for self satisfaction, rather it is in existence for the one and only single purpose of earning money via online techniques such as Google Adsense. Google Adsense is considered as the safest and genuine way of earning money, so people start their life of blogging by setting up blog, sending an application to google for their Google Adsense Approval etc .

Their sole purpose becomes Google Adsense only to earn money and hence they do no more care about their blog’s quality content etc . All these things result in spammed Blogs which are hardly of any quality . People also started employing various tactics to get approved for Google Adsense and they got so without being in guidelines also . Some peple also started selling off Google Adsense Activated Account .

All these resulted in direct drastic effect on the Advertisers which were working with Google . So as to Protect them from Spammed Blogs as well as fake Publishers , Google has amended its Google Adsense Approval Review System .

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Google has introduced New Publisher Application Process with the help of which they can ensure the safest possible network for advertisers, as well as the best possible experience for publishers as well . Google Says, ” Improving the quality of the network will drive more interest and demand from advertisers, increasing the earning potential for all of our publishers. ”

New Publication Application Process – What It Is All About ?

w.e.f August31, 2011 , Whenever a new application for Google Adsense will be submitted , it will have to pass two checkpoints . Google will firstly do preliminary checks on the site and the applicants submitted details. If the application passes through this first stage, applicants will be notified with granted access to their account as well as ad code to place on their submitted site.

Note : Its essential at this stage for the applicant to place the ad code on their site, as the review process cant be completed until the ad code is implemented.

Now , Since the application is not fully approved and is still under consideration, so live ads will not come up on the site rather blank ads blended with the site background color will come up so as not to impact user experience . Also, for those blank ads, no revenue will be generated for per click since the account is not fully approved .

Once the codes are successfully installed on blog, Applicants are required to wait for the final Decision by Google Adsense . Once they pass the Second checkpoint, live ads will come up automatically on those placed codes on the site and applicants may start earning money via Google Adsense .

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