Download Uc Browser 8.1 Java Unofficial English by an00p89162

Uc Browser 8.1

Uc Browser 8.1 English En Trans By an00p89162

Its been a week only when Uc Browser 8.0 was launched officially for the Symbian as well as Android Platform . The java version for 8.0 series was and yet has not been launched officially but there is a news in the web era that Uc Browser 8.1 has been released in the China in alpha stage so we have come up here with same English version i.e Uc Browser 8.1 .

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This Uc Browser 8.1 Build 11102817 is in Alpha stage that means it will be having some bugs but still it will be wonderful for you guys to test and enjoy the newer version .

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This Uc Browser 8.1 is translated by my friend an00p89162 and it possess various new features as well . Some of the new features are listed below :

New Features and Optimization of Uc Browser 8.1:

  1. Enhanced performance with reduction in memory and RMS’s occupation leading the program to run more smoothly.
  2. Seamless browsing for WWW pages with enhanced pre read mode which saves time for browsing next page .
  3. The touch screen flip faster, touch screen mobile phone click on blank page quickly and effectively to improve browsing efficiency.
  4. Adjustment of font after refreshing the page.
  5. Touch screen mobile phone support pulling of Scroll Bar.
  6. Start and exit the browser is smooth.

The Help and About page of the Uc Browser 8.1 is still in Chinese language but it hardly matters since its not gonna have its impact on your browsing . Enjoy browsing with Uc Browser 8.1 .

Download Uc Browser 8.1 En by anoop89162

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