[Download] Google Chrome 21 Portable Standalone Installer

Developer channel of the Google Chrome Browser has recently released the stable and various bugs fixed version of the browser i.e Google Chrome 21 . This version though as expected did not come up with new features or interface but is full of stability and is much more improved than its previous versions . Google Chrome 21 laid emphasis on Performance stability rather than adding new features .

You may not able to update your existing Google chrome browser from its internal menu and therefore may need to download this standalone installation suite . I have already installed it on my System and it seems amazing .  Majorly , Google has added support for game controllers using the draft spec for the W3C Gamepad API which will help in the next generation WEB GAMING .

Google Chrome 21

Google Chrome has already implemented many features like support for offline gaming and hardware acceleration , it seems as if Google wants to persuade everybody to admit that its the era of Google Chrome to rule in the Web Browsers market . Google’s web productive apps like Gmail , YouTube etc works way faster already so Google Chrome has bagged the Award of Best Browser in May 2012 .

Download Google Chrome Offline Installer

For those of you guys , who are facing slow internet problem and do not wish to install Google Chrome via Online Web Installer may choose to download the following Offline Standalone Installer . The Offline Installer is of latest version and is of size 29.60 MB . You can Download from here :

 Google Chrome 21 DEV Standalone Offline Installer .

5 thoughts on “[Download] Google Chrome 21 Portable Standalone Installer

  1. Becca

    This is completely new for me. But it really seems to be very useful and convenient! Thanks a lot for sharing this post, now I have strong desire to find out more about google chrome installer.

  2. Bryan

    hi Amandeep
    Google Chrome Offline Installer is new to me. I am a huge fan of Google chrome. thanks for sharing this

  3. Saksham Talwar

    Chrome is definitely the best browser you can have! I hate installing it over web setups and prefer the traditional offline, standalone installers! The benefit is that you can easily use the same setup to install Chrome on various devices! Great post!


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