[How To] Download Facebook Photo Albums easily in Few Clicks !

Do you Want to Download Facebook Photo Albums ?

Well , if you are searching a way over the internet to download all your Facebook Photo Albums without any hassle , then you have come at right place . Facebook has recently become over crowded and people have got addicted to it . Facebook is much more now Photo Sharing site than anything else . It is assumed that approx 65 billion Photos have already been shared by its members on Facebook . People love sharing their photos over the facebook with their family members as well as friends .

Almost everyone when sees the photos of their loved ones , they tend to save the photos in their machine i.e Computer so as to cherish the Good moments by seeing them later without any need to go online on the Facebook . People simply click right button of mouse and hit save as option . While this options help to save the photos , at the same time , this method compromises with the quality of photos too . So to maintain the quality of the images , we have come up with 2 methods which will help you download your entire Facebook Photo Albums without any problem .

2 Ways To Download Facebook Photo Albums :

This product comes in two variants , Free and Upgrade Mode . Free mode will show you some ads while downloading the Facebook Album while upgraded mode will not show any ads . This software comes for 3 Platforms : Windows , Mac and Linux .

It is a very handy tool which has Face recognition feature . It helps you view and download all the Photos of your Friends and Family without degrading the quality of the Photos .

Facebook Photo Albums


Well , This method is completely opposite to the above mentioned way . It is an online tool helping you downloading all your Facebook
Photo Albums in a Compressed Zip file or in pdf .  Since it is an online tool , so it does not require you downloading any software on your Computer .

Facebook Photo Albums

Well , for downloading the desired Facebook Photo Albums , you must need to get logged in the Facebook . Then Click any of your friend’s or family member’s profile .The site will show you all the tagged photos related to that profile . Thereafter , you can download the desired Photo or the Entire Facebook Photo Album .

This site is worth trying out .

Do tell us if you know any other method For Downloading the Facebook Photo Albums via your valuable Comments .

6 thoughts on “[How To] Download Facebook Photo Albums easily in Few Clicks !

  1. Kuldeep

    Well to be honest till now i’ve never came to know that facebook albums can be easily downloaded from websites. It will save my lot of time to save the photos.. Will try it now.


  2. Shailesh

    Can i download this app for my Android? is there any such app that can download facebook photo album in Android handset.


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