Some do’s and donts of Google Adsense and Google+

Google Adsense is an ideal method for generating a mouthwatering advertising income and thats the real reason behind its enormous popularity. A big number of webmasters use it for high ranking keywords, which can pay them well. This process sounds good, but it does not seems to be easy at all , as they cant get the desired amount, which they expect from these keywords.

  • Whats wrong with it?

If you are facing the same problem, then you may think whats wrong with it? Keep in mind that loading pages with useful high ranking keywords is good, but bringing the visitors is quite different. So, in case you want to drive them to your site, you have to optimize well your site navigation and publicize your shared content at Google+ too. Think how they are using your site and make a decision.

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  • What a visitor does?

Visitors have their own unique tendencies, as once a visitor reaches a site;  he uses to click on other pages as well to explore new things. Its a common thing for a visitor to make such moves while keep on clicking it. How they do it? Its quite simple, as there are plenty of links available on the site, which allows them to explore it well. This better linking is called “site navigation.” So, provide it well, as it will trap the visitors automatically. Better site navigation will also help you make good money through Adsense. It is also a great Google+ tip to gain more popularity.

  • Make a good site

A good website may also have different menu bars and links on various pages. These menu links can easily grab attention of the visitors and attract them to go further. Usually, “free stuff,” “free download” or “download free” type links can do well. You can easily apply this type of navigation to turn your site into a well paying site. Remember that if you are not following the standard procedures of earning through Adsense or Google+, then dont try it.

Dont forget the most important thing about an Adsense ad that it is only an Adwords ad, which is just appearing on your site, but not on Google or Google+. Similarly, what it can generate through clicks is an associated income that Adwords advertisers are offering click wise. So, if they pay well, you can earn well.

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  • Navigation works

There are different good websites, which are earning low even driving a lot of traffic from big search engines. Here, the simple technique of using less clever labeled links can be used. It can navigate visitors to sites, which are earning well. This way, you can turn your low earning site into a successful good earning site. You can also follow these tricks to earn well.

  • What a visitor wants ?

Why dont you think of something, which your visitor wants to see on daily basis? Do something cool, which could trigger the button of their anxiety and curiosity. Make them curious enough to visit your site and click as much they can. Motivating the readers attention is the most important factor for earning through Adsense and Google Plus. There is no restriction and no obligation, just make sure you achieve the goal through creativity.

  • What others are doing ?

Visit and see what others are doing now. Check out the new and innovative ways of navigation on other sites. Its not a bad idea if you can have some inspiration to do well. Make an assessment of their hot pages and the most read out stuff. Through this way, you can do some big changes into your low earning site and turn it into a huge good earning site. You can also mix up different ideas on different pages to give it a new look.

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  • Avoid a “free lunch”

Its not so easy to pay for a website if you are not a wealthy guy. Spending money on a website will definitely effect negatively on your pocket, but its the investment to own a website. You must own a site, if you are into Adsense earning and want people to take your site seriously. You own domain and hosting is a necessity in this business. Invest money or try to arrange and work on a site, which is exclusively on your name. Otherwise, you will regret to start up a free site forever.

  • Dont be over smart

One thing you should never ever do and try to avoid at all costs is to make clicks on your own site for any reason. Stop this madness and let the visitors do their job. You will ruin your account, as it will be closed by Google. Similarly, dont beg your friends to play “click and win” game. Parallel to this, never use some automated clicking tool.

Your smartness will lead you to a death trap automatically. Adsense can easily rectify such “jolly moves” and clicks, as the tool is quite genius. If you want to earn then try use legitimate ways of earning, such as Google+.

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