What are Computer Accessories? [Learn Basic of Computer]

Computers are an integral part of our day to day life. Be it home, office, school, or hotel; we use computers everywhere. Gone are the days where computers were accompanied by only a keyboard, mouse, and speakers. Today, many accessories are used along with a computer, which helps you to enjoy the creative functions on offer by a computer.

Computer accessories are add-ons used for experiencing the different functions provided by the computer. For example, the laptop and desktop computers perform many functions now-a-days, which is possible only due to the different accessories available in the market. Card readers, TV tuners, wireless head phone, Bluetooth keyboard, USB pen drives, wireless speakers, and webcams are a few accessories for laptop and desktop computers available in the market.

 Computer Accessories

You can buy these accessories directly from the manufacturers Web site or through the different online stores such as Amazon, EBay, and Rediff. It is recommended to purchase the accessories from the computer manufacturers Web site first and opt for the other online stores only if the required accessory is not available with the former.

All the leading computer manufacturers including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Acer, Samsung, and Sony provide you with a wide range of accessories to choose from. In addition, different companies that deal in skins for electronic devices provide you with a skinit that match your computer fixtures. This not only improves the appearance of the computer accessories but also protect it from damages. Lets now have a look at a few computer accessories.

  • External Hard Disk: This hard disk is used for storing huge amount of data and serve as a portable backup storage device.
  • TV Tuners: TV tuners allow you to watch television on the computer via the Internet.
  • Wireless Keyboard & Mouse: Many people find cables difficult to manage and prefer to use a wireless keyboard and mouse to interact with the computer.
  • Bluetooth Headphones: Music enthusiasts love to listen to music while moving around. A normal headphone does not provide them with this flexibility, and thus, they prefer to use a Bluetooth wireless headphone.
  • Game Controllers: People who enjoy playing games on the computer require different controllers for enjoying the game. Different game controllers are available in the market for game enthusiasts.
  • Speakers: Many of us love to watch movies on our computers. A good pair of speakers is essential for enjoying the digital movie experience. So, high quality speakers are very useful for enjoying music and watching movies. Not all default computers come bundled with good quality speakers. The problem is that either the sound is very low or the quality of sound is not good.
  • Webcams: Many laptops today come with built-in cameras, but this is not the case for desktop computers. Webcams are placed on the top of the monitor and are used for video calling.

The list of accessories is a never-ending one. Above-mentioned are few of the widely used computer accessories. Depending on the purpose for which you wish to use the computer, you can buy suitable accessories from the market.

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