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[Trick] Download Torrents Via IDM

  Are you weary of waiting for long time or even few days to complete your torrent download..? If you are finding any way for direct torrent downloading then this tutorial will help you to download your torrents via IDM (Internet Download Manager).

[How To] Crack or Reset The Forgotten Windows Password !

Have You Forgotten Windows Password ? Well, certainly you must have and thats the reason you have reached here jerking your head up here or there . I saw many people panicking about their lost windows password and i wondered how people could forget their passwords . Cant they even just remember one single phrase… Read More »

C Program for Addition , Multiplication , Subtraction & Transpose of Matrices !

Recently we started posting C programs and as promised we are back again with the new C programs . We started with C Program For Insertion, Traversing & Deletion Of Elements Using Switch Statement ! as it was our first practical . Today, we have come up with the C Program for Addition , Multiplication , Subtraction & Transpose of… Read More »