Should You Buy Aakash Tablet Or Not ? Explained !!

Recently , i posted about How you can book Your Aakash Tablet Or Ubislate 7+ launched by the Indian Government . In India , Only “NCarry” a Nimbuzz Group has been officially announced as an authorized Seller of aakash Tablet . You can read the post here : Book Your Aakash or Ubislate7+ Tablet Online with Ncarry .

Well , The Aakash Tablet has become really very popular in a short span of time as it is very cheap in price and everyone can buy it easily . With the motive of providing computer education to each and every student of India who cant afford to buy Computers and Laptops , Aakash Tablet has been invented jointly by IIT and Datawind . Aakash Tablet aimed especially for students seems rather get focused by each and every generation of India .

Be sure to read it till end as i have put up the conclusion there about if you should go for it or not based upon the following explained features as well as disadvantages or defects of the Aakash tablet.

aakash Tablet
Well, I have done quite a brief study over it and have therefore come up with the advantages as well as Defects of the aakash Tablet . Aakash Tablet have got variety of features to lure the Indian market as well as the World market . Its one of the main feature is its ultra low cost . It seems to be the Tata Nano of the Tablets .So below are the detailed features as well as defects or disadvantages of the aakash Tablet .

Features of Aakash Tablet :


  • Operating System : It runs on Android 2.2 (Froyo) OS .
  • Processor : It is powered by the 366 MHz single core Processor .
  • 2GB internal Flash memory as well as 256 MB RAM .
  • Multimedia Formats : The Aakash Tablet Supports various formats like FLV , MPeg2 , MPeg4 , .png , .jpeg , AAC , MP3 , .bmp , .gif , AC3 , WAV , WMA .
  • Connectors : The Aakash Tablet supports HDMI port as well as two slots for memory card for expanding the memory up to 32 GB . SM card Slot and USB ports are also there .
  • Supported Document formats : DOC, DOCX, PPT, PPTX, XLS, XLSX, ODT, ODP
  • Applications : The Aakash Tablet supports installation of over more than 1500 applications giving you wide variety of choices of applications .
  • Dispaly : The 7 inch Aakash Tablet has a resistive touch screen with 800 x 480 pixel resolution .
  • Internet Connectivity : For the purpose of internet connectivity , The aakash tablet supports wifi 802.11 a/b/g with a Web Browser having Standards Compliance, xHTML 1.1 compliant, JavaScript 1.8 compliant and safety compliance.

Advantages Of Aakash Tablet :

  • First of all , the major advantage fo the Aakash Tablet which i found is the Price . I bet , you cannot have a good smartphone within the range of 3000 INR but surely you can get a Aakash Tablet . Moreover , for students , this price is further slashed by 50% i.e 1500 INR as a subsidy by the Government .
  • Moreover , the Government is sponsoring this tablet , so we can have better assurance of its Service support .
  • The Aakash Tablet supports 32 GB memory storage (expandable) and 2 GB internal storage with 256 MB RAM .
  • The Tablet is Completely Touch Screen , so people can use and enjoy it easily .
  • The Prices are supposed to be cut down every year as the company says that they will launch the product every year with new improvements and tweaks made .
  • The Tablet will also help watching Youtube Videos without any hassle .

Defects Or Disadvantages Of Aakash Tablet :

  • No Android Market : Though The Tablet runs on Android 2.2 OS but it do not supports access to android market and hence you cant install any new fee applications .
  • Low Battery Life : The Aakash Tablet comes with 2100 mAh battery which do not last more than 4 hours . So it may need to get charged again and again .
  • Heats Up Quickly : Since the Processor is a single core 366 MHz and it runs on Android 2.2 OS so half of the resources are used alone by OS . So it gets heated up quickly with the use of it .
  • No GPRS / 3G or Bluetooth : The Tablet Do not Support the same but Wifi and USB Ports .
  • It might end up in hanging situations by running Multi Applications on the same time as it get heated up quickly .
  • Poor Resistive Touch Screen : The Tablet Do not Comes With HD Screen so its Display quality is worse and majority of the people may not like it .
  • No Customer Care Support : At the present moment , the customer care cejnters are only in few metro cities .

Conclusion : You Should Buy aakash Tablet since the Tablet worth 3000 INR is worth to buy .

Though Aakash Tablet is really very cheap and has given us various features which even a smartphone would not have and hence it increases its tendency to be bought up by the customers . But its latest upgraded version aakash 2 or Ubislate is worth to buy more than this since Ubislate comes with the better processor and also with the Android 2.3 OS (Gingerbread) . Moreover , one can gift the Aakash Tablet to their Children just as a playing Toy . 😛

What do you think about the Aakash Tablet ? Do share with us !

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