Why Your Blog Does Not Get Returning Visitors ?? Explained !!

It is well known to everybody that getting your Blog higher in SERPs is not a miracle anymore . You need to just implement some of the best SEO Techniques and you are there to go . But have you ever wonder whether people love reading your Blog or not . I would say , Certainly not (Few might have) . If you have thought so , then did you try any tracking method to find this out ?

Well , If you have used Google Analytic , then you might have seen two terms there : New Visitors and Returning Visitors . New Visitors are the visitors coming at your site for the first time wheres Returning visitors are those who come to your website again in search of any new content .

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The more the percentage of Returning visitors , more lovable your blog is and so readable . But if this no. is not big enough , then you may need to work harder . Many Blogs come over on first page in Google Search but all of them would not be readable . So in order to get returning traffic or i should say to build the list of your visitors you should concentrate on the following points .

5 Reasons About Why Your Blog Fails To Build Traffic

  • Pop Ups

Most of the people study hard about blogging and then they start building their blog . The basic funda of Blogging is to build email list of subscribers though it may vary from person to person . In order to achieve this in shorter time , people employ pop up methods . But i would say not to use them since they may annoy your visitors and out of irritation , your visitor may close the tab of your site.

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It may also happen that while closing down the pop up , The visitor may mistakenly Close the tab of your site . This will ultimately result in loss of visitors . We have had a pop up box here at i4infomania too but as our visitors got irritated , so upon the detailed case study , we removed that .

  • Less Complexity Or Simple Design

Design is the Second thing after the pop up thing which play an important role in binding visitor to your website or blog . Your design should be Simple as well as unique but at the same time it should be eye catchy or attractive as well . With Less Complexity , we mean that visitor must not face any problem to see the actual content on your website he/she is looking for .

  • Farm Of Ads

It is true that Most of the Bloggers start blogging to earn only and only money since these days Blogging has emerged out to be the easiest way to earn a lot of money in a short span of time so thats why people place a lot much ads on their Blog in the hope that at least they would get one click on any of the placed ads . But actually the reverse happens . By the placements of lots of ads , especially the flash ones , people gets distracted towards them and hence they go away from your blog by click on that ad .

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Since , distraction results in Poor readability , So again in this case , there will be less returning visitors and so the Blog popularity .

  • Irregular updation of Blog

People out of curiosity to earn money , build blogs and even put posts for few months . But there after , they kinda lost their interest in Blogging and so they do not update their Blog regularly . These days , Google focuses on frequency . Moreover , people also look for fresh content . If you are not able to provide what your visitors are looking for , then you are gone .

Visitor just look date and Comments on your Blog which keeps them thinking about your Blog . If the dates and comments on your Blog are not getting updated regularly , then you need to work harder over this matter .

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  • Write for visitors and not for Search Engines

Well , it has been seen commonly that many bloggers to gain higher rank in SERPs write posts with lot of keyword stuffing . Such posts are usually not liked by the visitors . Write Simple posts which each visitor of yours can understand easily rather than employing technical word which are understandable to Entrepreneurs or Well educated people only .

Well , These methods if employed can get you see drastic results . If you have any other reason , then do share here with your comments about building regular traffic for your Blog . 🙂

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