Get Your New Blog Indexed By Google , MSN & Yahoo Quickly

Traffic is the main thing which i think will hardly be any Blogger or Webmaster would not be thinking on their Blog . Certainly Traffic is the only matter for which Bloggers are working hard on their Blog , be it SEO , Link Building, writing unique content etc . There is basically three type of Traffic :

  • Direct Traffic
  • Search Engine Traffic
  • Referral Traffic

Direct traffic is the traffic which comes to your blog directly by entering the url of your blog into the web browser . They are considered as regular traffic / visitors since they personally know your blog and visit there.

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Search Engine Traffic is the main important traffic of which we are mainly concerned for . This kind of Traffic Comes from the Search Engines like Google, Bing , Ask or Yahoo etc . This kind of traffic is also know as organic traffic and this traffic is the best and safe traffic to earn via ad networks on your blog (We will discuss later about it separately) .

The other kind of traffic is the referral traffic and it is also one of the way today we are discussing to get our new blog indexed by the Search Engines . This kind of traffic , we generally get from the websites which have our blog url listed on them .

Ok , We have enough discussion about traffic , its need and its type . Lets Come straight to the topic now . Whenever we build new Blog , nobody knows about it except we ourselves . Then we let other people know by the means of social networking about it and hence flow of traffic starts . But it is not that much easy to get traffic from the Search Engines as Search Engines would not even know about your new Blog . So the main thing is to do some work, which help Search engines to discover your Blog Easier and hence they Start indexing your Blog .

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The foremost condition for getting indexed is to have some good content . Ok, Here We Go :

One Way is to Create a Sitemap.xml File of your Blog and submit it in your webmasters account in Google as well as Bing and Other search engines but in that way , You cant get indexed quickly . So this work , we will do later .

Let us come to the most easiest part for the beginning .  All the Search Engines have Their robots which are hungry for the fresh new content all the time and hence they crawl every website they come to know . So what you need to do is to invite these Robots at your Blog .


Now how can you invite These Robots to Your Blog ??  The answer is quite Simple . Since the Robots Roam here or there crawling websites for the new content , you just need to put your blog url on any website which is getting indexed regularly . The sites which rank high in SERPs or have good alexa Rank are regularly crawled . So you just need to get your blog url listed at those sites .

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You can do so by commenting at any post on that very blog you wish to get linked (Search on Google For the list of Do Follow Blogs and start commenting on those Blogs ) or you can create some forum profiles and put your blog url in your signatures there .

What will happen is that when Google or Any other Search Engine Robot Will visit that Blog or That forum profile at which you have commented or registered , the Robots will come across your blog link . Since the first Condition to Comment was to Comment on Do Follow Blog , The Robots will immediately Follow Your Blog url and will start indexing all your websites (To be precise, CRAWLING) and will store them as cache pages .

Thats it . By this way you will get you blog indexed from nowhere to 1 hour or in a day depending upon the Blog you have commented on . There are various other ways to get your blog indexed over which we will be writing Soon . To stay Connected With the updates and such tutorials , Do Subscribe to our free updates here

We have put more emphasis on Google Search Engine because this is the search engine which is used the most and hence this search engine drives the most of the traffic .

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