Asus Zenpower 10050 mAh Power Bank Review : Sturdy, Efficient & Compact

Smartphones have become a necessity in life which are used for various purposes like Music, Camera, Videos, Business, GPS Navigation, Browsing and what not. All these things lead to battery drain even before your day comes to end. You need to charge your phone again but at the same time you have to travel too. What would you do ? This is where Portable Chargers / Power Banks comes into picture.

These days Smartphones Manufacturers have jumped in to Power Bank market too as these have become important accessory. Asus too launched its Power Bank dubbed as ASUS ZenPower 10050 mAh Power Bank back in May.

asus zenpower front

Asus Zenpower is not just light in weight (215 g) when compared with other in the almost same capacity segment but also compact having dimensions 90.5 x 59 x 22 mm which is little big than a credit card size.

Initial Impressions :

I received the Silver Variant for Review and was amazed to unbox it. The Small sized packet never made me think of a Power Bank atleast. Upon unboxing, I was even amazed to see the compactness and light weight of Asus ZenPower. It can be easily carried in one’s hand or trouser’s pocket.

Along with ZenPower, there comes the data cable for charging and the user manual. Zenpower is made up of smooth aluminium exterior with rounded bezels. The power bank is similar to Xiaomi’s one but one thing which Asus takeaway and secure a good position over others is its size keeping its capacity in mind.

Design and Build :

ZenPower gives a premium look and has one slot for charging which I think they could have work upon to provide One more slot. But I cant complain the same due to its compact size.

On the Top is the Power Reset Button along with the 4 small LEDs. Each LED signifies 25% battery. Each time you connect your phone for charging, the no. of LEDs will blink according the left battery capacity. There is one USB slot with the output of 5.1 volt and 2.4 ampere (5.1V/2.4A) for charging the Smartphones and tablets. Along with it, there is a micro USB connector for charging your Asus ZenPower with the Standard Charger.

asus zenpower top

On the Bottom, the battery capacity is written i.e 10050 mAh along with the other Certifications Asus has got a safety measures. The front of the Power Bank features Asus Branding while back of the Power Bank is plain.

asus zenpower bottom

Asus also brings the ZenPower Bumper case, which is an optional accessory. The Bumper case comes in 4 colors : light red, yellow, aqua and black and one can give new look to his Zenpower as a makeover daily. The Bumper case acts as a protective sheath covering for the power bank. It is smooth, soft to touch, scratch and impact resistant. It makes sure that your Zenpower do not get any marks over it over the long period of use.

Not just that, it is highly recommendable for girls as they put all of their things in the bags and power bank could actually bring harm to those. The Bumper case will make sure thats its tough Aluminium do not break thinks inside their bags.

Features and Performance :

Zenpower brags 11 Safety Features (especially JIETA Protection) and 6 international Certification which makes it safe for use.

1. Temperature Protection
2. Short circuit Protection
3. Reset Protection
4. Input over Voltage Protection
5. Output over Voltage Protection
6. Input reverse direction protection
7. Over charge/over discharge protection
8. Output Over Current Protection
9. Cell PTC (Positive temperature coefficient) Protection
10. Adapter protection
11. JEITA Protection (Adjusting charging current according to surrounding temperature to improve battery life by 1.8 times)

asus zenpower

ZenPower has the sensor which detects automatically whenever you connect or disconnect the phone thereby getting itself on/off. Similarly, whenever your phone gets charged completely, it cuts the connection with the phone thereby stopping the charging which saves the life of Phone’s battery.

ZenPower takes approximately 24 hours to get fully charged which is obvious too for such a large capacity but on the other hand with its quick charge feature, charges the phone quickly too.

Zenpower charges the Zenphone 5 three times, Zenphone 2 two times, Gionee S7 three times, Mi4i two times with some battery left for the third go.

Zenpower is a sturdy and compact device which is worth to buy provided you dont feel the need of charging two devices at once. ZenPower is in direct competition with Huawei Honor Power Bank 13000 mAh battery, Mi 10,400 mAh bank,  OnePlus 10,000 mAh power bank.

Pros :

  • Compact Size and Sturdy
  • Premium Design and Durable
  • Charges phone faster
  • Light weight

Cons :

  • One more USB port could have been added.

Price and Availability :

The ZenPower is available in Silver, Pink, Blue and Gold colour for Rs. 1499, and the black colour variant is priced Rs. 1599. The Black colour is a special edition that incorporates concentric circle plate on the inlet face, making it look even more premium from other colours. The Bumper cases are available for Rs 299 each.

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