An Overview Of Cloud Gaming and Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing provides many benefits and the business world has adopted it as a great solution to many of its challenges. It provides fast access to applications and data from any place in this world, as well as security of personal and business information. At the same time cloud computing brings lower storage costs for small and medium businesses and ease on maintenance issues. So the cloud is quite a good solution for many of the issues in the IT world and has found its use in many sectors.

So  we may say cloud computing is everywhere and  it has entered the gaming industry very fast after its  wide acceptance. With all the emerging technologies, products and vocabularies,  getting started in the cloud may be more difficult than some can imagine.  So an advice form an experienced pros, may come handy sometimes.

As with other types of cloud computing, cloud gaming involves the application being stored on a server instead of on the users computer. In this case, the application is a game. The game is streamed to the gamers computer and played in a browser. This comes at a time when downloaded games are rapidly outpacing the sales of games sold on CD or DVD and the method of product-delivery looks ripe for a revolution.

Benefits of Cloud Gaming

The benefits of cloud gaming outweigh even those of purchasing a game online and downloading it. For one thing, the game does not need to be installed on the computer, therefore it can be played on any device that has a browser installed. It does not need the ultra-fast computers that gamers typically need to properly play games. Gamers do not even need to have a particularly fast Internet connection for the game’s streaming to work.

As a result, the games may not just be played from different individual devices, they can also be played across device types. The same game that is played on a computer, may also be played on a Smartphone. The device becomes a medium for the game rather than the main element of the games performance. It is also expected that games played from the cloud will be more affordable than purchasing games that are sold in the older formats.

Xbox in the Cloud

Console games also use the cloud. Microsofts Xbox has for a while allowed gamers to save games to the cloud from one console and then resume playing from the same point via another. There are also Xbox Apps for Android and Microsofts WP7 as well as for the iPhone and iPad.

Compression and Speed

These games work by compressing the games and then sending them to a browser. The code in which the game is written is executed on the server rather than on the local computer. The gamer’s input is sent directly to the server as they play the game and the responses sent back. The power of servers has gone a long way toward the goal of ensuring that the gameplay is as fast as if the game were played on a local computer. Recent advances in technology have largely removed the lag that used to be characteristic of online gaming.

The Popularity of Cloud Gaming

Cloud gaming is becoming increasingly popular as established companies like Electronic Arts have released their games for streaming to the public. There are a number of platforms for streaming games to computers from the cloud, each with a different selection of games. The intent is that all gaming in the future all gaming will not be restricted by device or format so that gamers will always have access to their games no matter where they are.

Games will be seen more as a service than as a product. Gamers will be expected to subscribe rather than to purchase. It is thought by many in the industry that this signals the impending death of console gaming in its present form.

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