6 Essential Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog !

WordPress is an awesome platform and CMS for Blogging . These days , i personally feel , a lot of people have stepped into the era of blogging just for make money online purposes . People often write large no. of posts with large resolution images in the beginning but they forget to maintain their Blog in other aspects . For newbies , Blogging is just copying and pasting activity or to the extreme , it can be related to the design of the Blog as well . They hardly care about the Blog Loading Speed as it should not matter to them because they have read at many places : Content is the only king .

These days , Blogging is no more fun to do but has transformed into Business which if handled effectively will get you high cash flow into your pockets everyday . As the database of the WordPress Blog gets larger , the WordPress Blog responds slower along with other factors . Google is the giant Search Engine and I can bet , majority of the Blogs get their major Traffic from Google only . So one should have to comply with Google Search Engine Algorithms to continue getting Google’s Love as Slower speed will get you Poor Ranking results .

So , from the above discussion , it is clear that site loading speed plays an important role for the Search Engine Ranking . In today’s Topic , I shall be discussing about WordPress Plugins which can help speeding up your Blog effectively .

How To Increase WordPress Speed ?

Following are the 6 Essential WordPress Plugins which will Boost your Blog’s Speed and ultimately SERPs ranking if all other required parameters by Google are up to the mark . So , lets come to the point .

  • W3 Total Cache Or WP Super Cache

A) W3 Total Cache

This is the best Plugin I had ever used until I had some Hosting Server Issues . Caching is necessary for various reasons like , you want to increase your site speed , save resources like bandwidth and memory consumption (RAM here) . This Plugin has many features like CDN (Content Delivery Network) Integration with services like MaxCDN , CloudFlare , NetDNA etc . Apart from that , it has inbuilt Minifier , which compresses the CSS and JS . This Plugin though I do not suggest to be used on Shared Hosting as this Plugin itself has some of its requirements to work upon . For VPS , it works best .

B) WP Super Cache

The Best Plugin Till now which I am using without having any sort of error . This plugin serves a static html page which is generated from the WordPress Blog each time a visitor comes thus reducing the time of processing of Heavy PHP scripts each time . This plugin also supports CDN integration and PHP caching , compression pf pages etc . The actual effect of this plugin comes into picture when your Blog experiences heavy traffic and it sustains without getting any Internal Server Error .

This is the Best Plugin for the compression of images . Images are sole part of the posts and Bloggers do not forget to put atleast one image into their post . These images occupy large no. of space and also increase the individual web page size thus reducing the site Speed . this plugin will highly compress the images thus decreasing the overall web page size .

Whatever we write in our Blog or do any setting within our Blog , everything gets stored into WordPress Sql Database i.e All the comments , Spam comments , Posts , Theme settings , Draft etc . This plugin helps in deleting unnecessary data which gets stored into our database thereby increasing its size and increasing the no. of queries . You can read further about it here in brief :  Optimize Your WordPress Blog To Get It Loads Faster By Cleaning Database .

This plugin is definitely worth trying if your Blog makes use of heavy CSS and JS . This plugin has a strong minify engine which gets integrated with your blog and takes the CSS / JS from your Blog and passes it through the Minify engine which compresses the unnecessary code and serve the highly compressed CSS and JS thus boosting the Blog’s Speed . This plugin also supports addition of external JS and CSS .

Widgets are the beauty of every WordPress Blog but this imparts heavy load on the WordPress as larger the no. of widgets used in any Blog , more will be the SQL queries and Slow WordPress Speed . WP Widget Cache helps in caching the widgets used . This works best on Shared Server .

Sometimes , we activate new plugins which take more and more SQL queries . As the name of the plugin Debug Objects suggests , this plugin is used for debugging . This plugin will sacn your Blog and will let you know which queries are taking time to load . As larger the no. of queries , more time it will take to load . So by the use of this plugin , we can know and deactivate the desired affecting plugin .

All these plugins if used will help any Blog to load fast . It is advisable though to use less no. of plugins , as plugins also slow down WordPress Blogs , But the above listed Plugins are sufficient to energize any Blog . Hope they help you get what you want as these are used by thousands of Bloggers .

3 thoughts on “6 Essential Plugins To Speed Up Your WordPress Blog !

  1. Uday Vaswani

    When i try to install any of the above cache plugins, my blog goes down and no content is displayed except the blank white page.

    What do i do !!!

    1. Amandeep Singh Nagpal Post author

      After installing the cache plugin , when your blog shows white page , go to yourdomain.com/wp-admin/themes.php and activate the theme again . If this does not help , then go to control panel and update your .htaccess file with the new wp installed .htaccess code .


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