5 SEO Ways To Rank Higher In SERPs

Internet is the most Competitive place in the world . If you are a website owner , then you must be having a specific niche . And it also obvious that there will be more than thousands if not lakhs websites in your own niche . Therefore to beat your competitors , you must employ some SEO ways or techniques to Rank higher in SERPs.

If used wisely , SEO will help you find place in SERPs from nowhere to anywhere in the very beginning and to #1 in some time . But it is not advisable to use various methods of SEO or the ways which other people are employing , Rather it is important that one choose only the best techniques which will surely help in getting success .


Hence following are the 5 Best SEO ways that will help you become a Good Search Engine Optimizer and and your website to grip #1 rankings :

  • Forum link building

Link building is a technique where we gather or generate backlinks for our blog . We have already discussed some of the ways to build backlinks .

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This way help to derive traffic for the blog . Try to build backlinks from websites which have higher pr like that of 8, 9 or 10 . Such kind of backlinks can be build by registering on high Pr Forums and then put your blog link in the signature Column into your forum profile . Such links get high weight from Google .

  • Article prism service or Guest Blogging
This is considered as the most innovative and working strategy of building backlinks as w
ell as driving traffic to our blog . In this kind of technique , you hire some professional writers who will write for you keywords rich unique content .
Those articles look more appealing to the search engines and they benefit you the most . You can also write Guest article for websites and give to other websites . The will publish the same article with your short bio along with your website link, hence giving you backlink as well as trafic .

If anyone wishes to write some Guest posts at our portal i4infomania , he / she is warmly welcome to contact us via contact us page or leave a comment at About Us page .

  • Blog Review Service

Blog review is  a very efficient technique to be known to generate quality backlinks .It is an effective marketing tool to drive more traffic to your blog . Try to review other’s blog or product and link back to them . This will help in quality outbounds link and will certainly persaude emotionally others to link back to you too . This also lets you express your views, knowledge or any other information .

  • Link pyramid service
This SEO Technique is considered to give back 100% results . This type of services generally create backlinks pyramidically keeping in mind the quality , page rank , Google news , Social networking websites , Web 2.0 websited and rss directories . All these together are when joined pyramidically with each pther pointing to the main blog of yours results in 100% boost to your ranking in SERPs .
  • Link wheel service
Link Wheel Service Helps you attain better quality content as well as backlinks .This kind of service help you acquiring link juices and effective link building . All these things results in increased traffic and higher ranking in SERPs .
All these services will cost you small amount of money but they are worth it as you will get increased no. of traffic by the search engines . For availing such services , you must search over internet and find genuine worker . If done so wisely ,  these services will surely help you attain good ranking .

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