5 Safety Tips One Should Know To Protect From Virus

In this article, we shall be learning more about the different ways in which you can protect your computer system from virus attack both on the internet and offline.

Use Good Antivirus software

In a situation where you are using a vulnerable operating system, getting a good antivirus to protect your computer can be a good move to prevent virus attacks, which can later results in data loss, or information theft by hackers online. This action can help you in protecting your computer from been vulnerable to virus attack.

Avoid using Unknown Programs

You should avoid going for free stuffs on the internet such as free antivirus software that will certainly come with one or two virus infection on its own when you are downloading it from the internet to your computer system.

What you can do to prevent this is to simply insist on buying software applications from a reliable source like the local store where youll be able to get the original installation packages for a reasonable price, which is even better than to download virus infected files from the internet for usage.

Use More Secured Operating System (OS)

If it happens that you are encountering any problem with your computer system due to virus infection, it may be because of the operating system that you are using that is causing the viruses to have free access to your computer. Some operating systems do not allow virus infections at all such as UNIX Operating System.

It has many security features that keep viruses and much other unwanted dangerous software from finding their way into your computers hard disk. It has the ability to keep viruses and human beings at bay by preventing them from accessing your computer system.

Avoid Running Macros in Document

If you are a windows operating system user, make sure not to run macros in all your documents unless you really know how it works. Whatever you dont know its basic functions, you should be careful of using it unless you can tell yourself the reasons why you should use it.

Treat Your Email with Great Care

At times, email messages can be sent to your email address with attachments, you should make sure not to make an attempt to open such email unless if you have scanned the email with your online virus checker.

This is one of the great reasons why you should use good antivirus software with your computer and it must not just be antivirus software; it must be able to perform the functions of email security. The type of antivirus you will use with your computer must have email security features added with browser popup ads blocker and internet search engine preventions.

However, viruses are now been transmitted through different methods. Nowadays, a picture on your computer can be infected with virus and by sending such file via the internet to a friend of yours can prove a great risk to your friends computer and likewise yours. You should make sure not to open any file from your email unless you have scanned and confirmed it to be free from virus attack.


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