5 Reasons For Choosing Self Hosted WordPress Over Blogspot [A Comparison]

Are You confused with the Blogger or Self Hosted WordPress Platform for Blogging  ? Are you in Dilemma about which one to use for your self ? Well, if thats the case , I am here to help you out regarding this confusion with each and every aspect so that at the end of this article , You should be sure about which platform you are gonna choose for your Blogging .

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WordPress and BlogSpot (Blogger) are two most popular blogging platforms. On the one hand Blogspot Platform is free to use , on the other hand WordPress can be used free as well as may require little affordable capital investment depending on your choice .

Blogging is something which pays you higher than what you could expect over a night time but it is only after the hard work you do on it . For the beginners , it may require a lot of hard work , SEO skills , a lot of time , Energy and of course patience . Check out the 5 Ways To Double Adsense Earnings .

So here are the few things which will get us a winner in terms of many things as explained below :

Design or layout of your Blog :

Well, Design play a major role in attracting visitors and to increase readers provided the content you are providing is good enough . WordPress Offers you full customization and you can make it look like what you want . WordPress provides you many options for the same with the help of which you can maintain and change the color / design easily . But on the Contrary , this may take a lot much time of yours (Time is , of course, compensated if the design you get is awesome after hard work).

On the Contrary , Blogspot does not provide you a lot more customization when compared to WordPress . Also , very few options are provided for the designing purposes .

Better Control :

Self hosted WordPress gives you better Control over your Blog than that of Blogspot platform . Using Blogspot is like giving full access to your information, content and its complete control in Google’s and if you read their Terms and policy , it is clearly written there that they can terminate or restrict you accessing the Blog content if any of their policy violation is found without sending you any notice .

This is not the same in case of Self hosted WordPress . Here , you will be having full control over your Blog which nobody can delete . Moreover , You will not be having set of policies to work under . You can work and how you want to .

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Better Subpages :

WordPress offers you variety of options for choosing how the subpages of your Blog will look like . You can select particular pages too look as a full width page whereas , for some pages , you may want it to be full with advertisements . For some pages , you may also not want to show some of your widgets .

This does not apply to Blogspot Platform . All your subpages will look similar to your homepage.

Spell Checking Feature :

This is the Wonderful feature of the WordPress . WordPress can check your spelling mistakes as well as the cliches and passive voice and a lot more whereas Blogspot just check the spell of the words .

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Wide range of Plugins and themes :

There is a whole wide range of plugins which can help you do almost everything what you want to do with your Blog without doind much coding . This helps especially the people who are not much into the coding . WordPress also offers a lot of themes which can get you change the desigh of your Blog within minutes .

This is something where Blogspot lags again .

On the whole, with self-hosted blog there are a wide range of opportunities to improve your blog. Now it is high time to choose the most appropriate hosting plan for your blog with all the necessary features included for affordable price. If you feel any problem or want to ask anything , Do let me know . I will help you suggesting even more about Blogspot or Self hosted WordPress Blogs .

6 thoughts on “5 Reasons For Choosing Self Hosted WordPress Over Blogspot [A Comparison]

    1. Amandeep Singh Nagpal Post author

      Yes , Most of the people i have seen start with Blogspot . But when they start getting popularity , they turn towards WordPress because it gives them maximum flexibility .

  1. funtikar

    Nice article amandeep :D. It’s been a long time. I didn’t know about self-hosted wordpress until I read your article here. Looks like I’m going to make a new blog. It is true, Google’s T&C will limit you and it would be hard to keep track of what you’ve done in your blog and knowing that it does not violate the T&C or not. Thanks for the great article . 😀

  2. Pardeep

    Nice article posted by Amandeep bro blogspot is safe than wordpress . wp is hacked by hacker anytime but blogspot does not hack easily my thought is that blogger is best its cheap also .


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