2 Ways To Block Spam Comments on WordPress !

Spam comments are something which affects your Blog SERPs rankings . They usually are meant to generate back links for the sites which are either new or are targeting something which the search engines do not love . Moreover , Spam comments are the comments which are done by the Bots . This simply means , that no human do those comments (some exceptions may be there) , and hence such comments are every time irrelevant to your posts .

The Spam comments are usually of type : I loved your site and have bookmarked it . or it can be related to your good looking Blog’s design (even if your Blog is not that much Good looking :P) . These comments are full of pampering usually or might be related to spammy sites linking to which they can get good results by having a back link from us but on the same surface , our Blog may have to suffer too .

  • The simplest way to avoid spammers is by using Akismet wordpress plugin which can be downloaded from here .
  • The other method is not quite easy for a mass level protection but to fight with specific individual Spam comments from Particular I P’s , this method is damn easy !! This method make use of editing your Blog’s .htaccess file So make sure that you take a back up of the file before making any changes to it .

You just need to add the following line of code in your .htaccess file :

<Limit GET POST>
order allow,deny
deny from
allow from all

Each time you find a new spammy IP , Block it down by just adding the line deny from xx.xx.xx.xx .

Spam Comments

To find the I P of spammers , go to your comment page in WordPress Dashboard and check the I P below the comment of a commenter . The .htaccess method can also get you rid of a person who may be doing invalid click activity on your Google Ads . Just Find his IP from Google Analytics or any other stat source and put it in your .htaccess file as shown above . I will discuss about Invalid Click activities in my upcoming posts .

You may want to read about optimization of your Blog’s Database to make it load super fast here : Optimize Your WordPress Blog To Get It Loads Faster By Cleaning Database .

I hope , It will surely help you getting rid of Spam comments as they just increase the size of your database making your Blog slower than ever . So it is better to make your Blog neat and clean from the Spam comments .

2 thoughts on “2 Ways To Block Spam Comments on WordPress !

  1. Gowtham

    Blocking spam ip in comment can help in getting rid of spams in a blog.We are also use Captcha plugins to reduce spam bots posting comments.


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