Gionee Elife Series Presents s5.5 – Worlds Slimmest Smartphone

by Amandeep Singh Nagpal
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The war has started between the Existence Smartphone Manufacturers and the new rivalries who are all set to make a new space for them. The rival we are talking about here is the China’s Smartphone company Gionee which is doing crores of business in India. Gionee was launched in India past year and did a fascinating 500 crore business. Past 31st March 2014, India Witnessed a new launch of the phone from the Gionee i.e Elife s5.5 which brags as the World’s Slimmest Smartphone (5.5mm thick). The Company did a Grand launching of the smartphone in Goa, Grand Hyatt Hotel […]

[Updated] [Review] Gionee Service Centres and Products

by Amandeep Singh Nagpal
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Gionee, the Chinese Company has recently started gaining popularity in India. Their Smartphones are way too competitive among the Big brands like Sony, Samsung etc. People these days are buying Gionee’s handset without even thinking about its quality or without even knowing the Service center availability to their nearby location reason being usually phones do not get malfunctioned easily. But does that mean they have gone superior or I should say competitive to a great extent ? Well, I do not know how people consider buying the phone but I have my own experience which I would like to share […]

Creating a Presentation Professionally

by Amandeep Singh Nagpal

Would you know where to go if you need a professional presentation put together? While there are many people who are proficient when it comes to using PowerPoint or other programs to put slides together, how do you know that it will look and feel as professional as possible? If you aren’t confident in your ability to create a presentation on your own, you should contact a professional marketer who can make something that your audience is going to love. Remember, you have to cater to the audience that you are speaking to as opposed to your own idea as […]

CD / DVD Duplication – Replication Software

by Amandeep Singh Nagpal

In the CD and DVD creation industry, data on discs is duplicated in one of two ways: via duplication, or via replication. For DVDs in particular, DVD duplication is the preferred technology, as this process involves taking data from one location — typically a computer hard drive — and burning it to one blank disc at a time. Think of how you create music or data discs at home for personal use. Commercial DVD duplication is very similar, though obviously it is done on a much larger scale. With duplication, blank media of high quality is always used, and burn […]

Web Design Services By Network Solutions

by Amandeep Singh Nagpal

Web hosting has become one of the ways in which sites out-compete each other. There are those web hosts that don’t provide the better bandwidth, more security, in-house support and customization features, which actually could help businesses grow and do better sales. That’s why it’s so important to research and try out a service before paying any money. Ecommerce web design services combine an online store with marketing tools, secure shopping, payment options, contact management, email marketing, social media, easy-to-use control panel and content management systems. If you have a store that is fully integrated and also combines with mobile […]

Police Scanners – The Perfect Device for Any Household !

by Amandeep Singh Nagpal

If you’ve never owned a police scanner before, you don’t realize on the all-important data and emergency messages that you’re missing out on. Police scanners offer a way to keep watch on your neighborhood and make better decisions about your family’s safety. In addition, scanners today can listen on multiple channels. In fact, the Uniden police scanner has 500 channel capacity, and you can get NOAA weather alerts, which is perfect for the storm chasers or just a great way to be that much ahead of the storm when it finally hits. sells a large inventory of police scanners, […]